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Viv Thomas is a professional photographer / videographer who has taken his passions to the Internet and created his own website, He specializes in shooting 4K resolution / 1080p HD hardcore, masturbation and lesbian sex scenes in picture and video media. All scenes at Viv Thomas are done so with quality and production value in mind. You’ll find all Viv Thomas scenes to be very erotic and highly enjoyable in just about every possible way. You’ll find beautiful models like Lorena Garcia, Nella A, Zuzana B, Ana Rose, Tracy Lindsay and Sophie Moon in these videos to name a few out of 907+ of them included. Reading the Viv Thomas review below or watching the video review is beneficial to you so you can find out first hand what’s included when you join this porn site.

Viv Thomas Video Review

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The Women

The women at Viv Thomas are exceptional. You’re going to find that they are very good looking women of various ages. If I had to guess, women look between the ages of 20 to late 30s. These girls are absolutely stunning and are hand picked among possible talent. You’re going to find that women here have various body features like different sized tits, asses and such. The majority of women on this site seem to be white, on the thinner side and have at least a handful of tits, good looking butts and a smile that could melt your heart.

I think you’re going to be very pleased with what you see here with the women. Some women have tattoos, some women have a little bit of hair on their pussies. Everyone’s features seem to be a little different but along the same lines – hot, thin, sexy and eager to please. These women take care of their hair and makeup properly and look stunning along with their clothing choices. No detail seems to be forgotten at Viv Thomas – they are always looking their best during video production.

The Action

The action at Viv Thomas is mostly masturbation and lesbian sex! What could be better than seeing some of the Internet’s beautiful babes having real lesbian sex or masturbating?

The lesbian sex and masturbation at Viv Thomas brings you tons of kissing, mutual masturbation, pussy licking, fingering, sex toys (dildos / strap ons) and wonderful orgasms. Masturbation is straight forward at Viv Thomas, girls simply enjoy getting themselves off using their fingers and playing with their tits.

All of the action is shot in beautiful and sensual production values. Every single scene is erotic and has a playful introduction and ending which leads up to the scene and concludes it. You’re going to find that Viv Thomas productions are highly regarded for many reasons.

Scene locations are shot in houses (from all the videos I’ve checked out) and usually utilizes showers, bedrooms, offices and living rooms. This makes sense because it’s primarily a lesbian sex site featuring passionate girlfriend like action with an erotic feel.

Content Included

Inside the member’s area of Viv Thomas, you’ll find there to be about 1190+ full length porn videos to be enjoyed immediately. In addition to all these videos, you’ve got access to about 2798+ photo galleries too. Updates for videos happen about every 2 or 3 days and photo galleries every 2 days.

Video Specifications

Viv Thomas video quality is shot in premium quality productions. You’ll find scenes in two high resolution formats: 4K or 3840×2160 resolution and 1080p or 1920×1080 resolution. You can play videos through the browser’s player or you can download scenes to your hard drive in MP4, WMV and AVI formats exclusively.

Photo Specifications

Photos at Viv Thomas are shot in 5239×3820 resolution. This is considered to be high resolution. Those that are in the archives are shot in 1280×960 at their weakest. You’re going to find the pictures inside the member’s area lately to be of the highest quality and will be very pleased with everything you get inside this pass. You can download ZIP files of every set in different quality levels with ease at Viv Thomas.

Bonus Content Included

Viv Thomas doesn’t currently include any bonus sites but those who join the Met Art Network get access to this site.

Possible Concerns

There are just a few concerns joining Viv Thomas. There are prechecked cross sales on the join page which might end up costing you more money if you don’t deselect them.

There are no bonus sites included in this membership pass.


Viv Thomas definitely should be a number one choice when it comes to bringing Internet users high quality erotica. If you enjoy watching hot girls masturbating or lesbian women having real, passionate girl on girl sex, Viv Thomas is definitely for you and our review supports our recommendation for you to join the site today. With 4k and 1080p scenes brought to you with a regular update schedule, you can’t go wrong getting your porn from this site. I think you should definitely check out Viv Thomas today. Join Viv Thomas Now!

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