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Tonights Girlfriend is an erotic, amateur hardcore porn site that brings Internet users some of the hottest porn that features a girlfriend experience that you would not believe. The Internet is full of hardcore sex sites, but this one in particular marries the feel of a hardcore sex site with the erotic touch of a proper GFE (girlfriend experience) in beautiful 4k UHD / 1080p HD quality. This site is one of the hottest of its kind and definitely will interest you if you’re looking for a good porn site to join. Featuring hundreds of great quality, full length episodes with many proper updates happening weekly, you’re going to feel fulfilled obtaining a membership pass to this site. You should certainly read or watch my Tonights Girlfriend review below to fully understand what you’re getting when you do in fact join this membership pass today. I go through the site with you and report all the facts you’d expect to know before joining this porn site.

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The Women

The women you’re going to see at Tonights Girlfriend are very sweet, sexy and stunning. You’re going to see some of the hottest, hand picked women the site has to offer. They’re a mixture between amateur and pornstar looking and that basically means you’re getting cute, sexy and fun women who do their best to bring a hot amateur experience to the table. Girls here at Tonights Girlfriend are ages 18-30 years old typically. I’d say they are an average around the age of 25 years old. Either way, they’re the best looking girls you’ll ever see in porn that fit a girlfriend type of site.

The girls of Tonights Girlfriend vary in tit size, age, body size, whether or not they have tattoos and even hair on their pussy. For the most part though, you’re looking at petite / athletic looking pornstars that look great all over. They seem to be white girls for the most part, and it has me wondering if they’re going to add any sexy black girls or Asian babes for that matter (edit, found an Asian babe, but the majority still white). Oh well, I do enjoy what I see though so far.

It’s nice to see all the women here have polished looks and look great all over. I couldn’t believe just how beautiful they are on an individual basis. I think their looks are due to being fit, having good hair and clothing features, suited for the scene they’re apart of.

The Action

The member’s area of Tonights Girlfriend features hardcore and lesbian sex scenes, featuring threesome action in such cases.

The scenes are usually between a man and a woman, having girlfriend style sex together. The scenes usually start as a hot date and turns into passionate hardcore sex by the end of the night. The focus and emphasis is on beauty, the feel of the moment and other factors that will draw you into these scenes. I think you’re going to be very turned on watching hot beautiful women dress up for their dates and get fucked by the end of it.

There are lesbian sex scenes but they occur during hardcore threesome scenes. I haven’t seen any scenes which are exclusively lesbian sex oriented but you will find threesome scenes where the guy picks up two girls and fucks both of them. In these threesome scenes, you’ll see girls kissing, fingering, eating pussy and more together, which is basically a lesbian sex scene with some hardcore fucking too. Maybe we’ll see some exclusive lesbian scenes in the future, but that may not happen due to the nature of the site.

The scene shooting locations start out in “date like settings”, sometimes they’ll show the girl dressing up and getting ready. By the end of the scene, you’ll see the sex scenes end up in the bedroom, shower and other household locations. I enjoyed where the scenes here took place.

Content Included

The member’s area of Tonights Girlfriend currently contains 288+ full length porn videos and matching photo galleries included as well. The site seems to keep true to its weekly update schedule to keep things updated nicely.

Video Specifications

The videos are brought to you in 4k UHD / 1080p HD quality. You’re going to see videos in 3840×2160 and 1920×1080 resolution. It’s great that they offer beautiful 4k resolution scenes because that’s where technology has been headed. Videos can be streamed or saved to your computer or mobile device in MP4 format.

Photo Specifications

Photos come to you in 991×611 resolution, which isn’t considered high resolution. I’m sure these aren’t stillshot photos, but screencaps from the scenes. It’s not confirmed, but I’m fairly certain this is the case. There are no ZIP files or slideshow options included.

Bonus Content Included

The site currently doesn’t contain any bonus content.

Possible Concerns

The site is pretty straighforward, if this kind of content interests you, you won’t be disappointed. You may want to read another opinion just to be sure, eg. the Tonight’s Girlfriend review at x3guide.

The site has prechecked cross sales. You’ll have to deselect offers that don’t interest you to save money on your membership pass.

The site doesn’t seem to have any professional still shot photos, but screencaps of videos. Pictures here don’t come with ZIPs or slideshows.


Tonights Girlfriend is definitely the top porn site to join if you’re looking for amateur girlfriend experience videos featuring horny girls getting fucked by men (and sometimes includes lesbian threesomes) after going out on dates and hooking up. The video quality is phenomenal at 4k UHD / 1080p HD quality. The site seems to keep very updated and has a fair selection of porn videos that you can enjoy the moment you join the site. Good playback options included with this site ensure you’re always getting the best experience. If you’re looking for a sexy and hot girlfriend experience, you’ll love what this site brings you today. Join Tonights Girlfriend Now!

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