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Live Jasmin is a live cam site devoted to bringing Internet users a healthy mixture of live cam girls, boys and trannies all under one roof to engage with sexual one on one play online. It’s true, there are over 65,000+ registered models on this site with about 2,000+ of them online at any given time! Whether you feel like having an interactive sex session where you can make requests or you’re seeking a friendly relationship, Live Jasmin certainly has you covered with a tremendous mix of beautiful girls, hung guys and passable trannies for you to enjoy. In case you haven’t heard of this site before, LiveJasmin (or Jasmin for short) has been around since 2001 and has since been known to the Internet as the number 3 most visited porn site on the Internet (source Wikipedia). Live Jasmin has also won many awards during it’s time online since it provides the ultimate live entertainment experience. The premise behind this site is simple. You visit the site, find some hot live cam models that you enjoy spending time with or find attractive. Then you simply use credits to go live with them, one on one! This allows even the most timid or shy person to have fantastic live sex or playful friendly talk with some of the most entertaining live entertainers Live Jasmin has to offer, from the comfort of your own home and for a reasonable price. Read or watch my Live Jasmin review below to get a complete understanding of what you get when you signup and enjoy the entertainment this site has to offer.

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The Live Girls

The live cam girls you’re going to find at Live Jasmin vary significantly. You’re going to find women here of many different ethnic backgrounds, boob sizes, body types, eye + hair color and spoken language. Whether you’re looking for the hottest girl next door looking babes with flawless complexion, trashy looking sluts or someone that will be able to accommodate certain fetish requests, you’ll find it all on this site.

Some of the most popular female categories on Live Jasmin include: 18 Years Old, Big Tits, Asian, Blonde, Brunette and petite. These are the most popular girls who constantly outrank other live sex performers on the main page of the site and are likely those who earn the most money and have the most clients each day.

There are other specialty categories on this site that make Live Jasmin perfect for everyone else who doesn’t prefer what the majority do. If you’re looking for BBW, MILFs, Granny, Black, Latina, tiny tits, specific fetish acts, the girls on this site have you covered as well.

Since there’s so many live cam girls available on LiveJasmin, you’re going to have no problem finding exactly what you’re looking for.

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The Live Men

The live cam men that Live Jasmin provides also vary significantly, just like the girls do. When it comes to the men, you have the men who are straight and are here for the girls and the ones that are gay, for the men. Generally, the looks between the straight and gay guys at Live Jasmin don’t seem to vary that much, but the men as as a whole group include a lot of mixed looks, races and body types. You have your strong, handsome jock type, skinny alternative looking men, chunky wholesome men, twinks and bears. Then there’s everything in between that includes tattoos, piercings, hairy, nerdy and more. There’s a wide variety of men that make their presence on this site, whether it be straight or gay, you’re always going to have your choice in men that appear in this live action.

Some of the popular male categories at LiveJasmin include: Muscular, Latin, 18 Years Old, Twenties and Skinny. These are the most commonly requested men on the site that seems to satisfy the most members. Of course, these ones are the ones that constantly outrank other men on live cam due to their popularity. These guys get the most clients and in turn make the most money.

Those of you who like other types of men will be in heaven knowing that you’re going to have prime pick of Ebony men, Asians, Smoking, Tattoo, fetish friendly men and many other niche performers who are willing to make your sessions an amazing experience.

If you don’t see what you want in this list, why not check out Live Jasmin to see if what you’re looking for exists on the website? Chances are, if you can think about it, it exists!

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The Live Transgenders

Finally, a live cam site that is loaded not only of women and men, but transgenders too. The live cam trannies you’re going to find here at Live Jasmin are of plenty! Just like the men and women, the transgender performers on this site are just as diverse in appearance, which means it’s great for finding the right match for you. These tranny cams feature transgenders with busty tits, small tits, thick, thin, petite or BBW bodies too. There’s a wide range of ethnic background among them as well. These t girls on cam always seem to be very neatly groomed and in some cases, groomed better than some of the top female cam girls! Their hair, make up and clothing is perfect from head to toe, at least from the cams I’ve seen personally. Again, the best part about the tranny sex cams is the fact that there’s such a diverse selection, anyone who enjoys them will find something they’re into!

The most popular transgender categories include: 18 Years Old, Asian, Latin, White, Ebony, Muscular and Skinny. These are the most common types of trannies that are most in demand. There’s no doubt that most people will be satisfied with this type of selection. These ones are the most popular and put on the most live shows, making the most money too.

There’s also less popular categories of t girls on Live Jasmin. Those who are into: Smoking, Tattoo, Brown and Fetish Friendly trannies will definitely feel right at home too as this cam site also provides a generous selection of these types of cam girls too.

The bottom line is that there’s a great selection of live cam trannies to enjoy on Live Jasmin, so don’t worry, have a look and chat with one that you enjoy!

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Live Feed Locations

What’s cool about the live cam models at Live Jasmin is that some of them get really creative! I mean, REALLY creative. You’re going to find that they sometimes have their video cameras setup in showers, in their bedrooms, in living rooms, hotels and even on beaches. When you browse the site, you’re going to see that these creative people have thought of many ways to put a spin on the traditional cam experience.

What Can You Do With Them During A Live Session?

The beauty of joining a site like LiveJasmin is that you’re getting an amazing selection of live cam performers available instantly. For the most part, you basically can chat with a live cam model and request whatever you would like, within reason of course. Sometimes people ask these cam models to perform, get them naked, use sex toys or masturbate. Other times, many people develop actual friendships over live two way camming! Yes, you can chat live, hear and see each other in the private chats at Live Jasmin which is a great feature.

There’s other types of interaction at Live Jasmin, besides sex cams. You can enjoy friendship cams (chat as friends), teasing cams (get teased), and fetish cams (request kinky or weird things that standard cam models wouldn’t do). These are all available at the click of a mouse and is easy to use.

How else you enjoy the use of Live Jasmin’s streaming cams is up to you. I’m sure there’s many other ways to get creative and have a good time with this site.

Live Stream Quality

The live stream quality at Live Jasmin varies based on the performer’s computer hardware. Most of the popular live cams on this site are shot in high definition quality in 1080p widescreen format. You’re going to find people typically in third world countries in weaker standard definition quality. I haven’t run into a whole lot of low quality cams. Generally the cams here have a high frame rate and are in beautiful high definition quality.

Possible Concerns

Overall, Live Jasmin is the perfect live cam site. The only concerns you have to worry about with Live Jasmin are not big deals to most people. Sometimes you’ll run into a bad performer, bad camera or unpleasant experience. This rarely happens, but if you do, you can always contact support and get your credits back from a bad session. Also, you’re going to find that purchasing credits might be more expensive due to currency conversion to USD. If you purchase say in Canadian dollars for example, you’ll get a high exchange rate and have to pay more than a US citizen would. That’s just one example it could be the opposite for you in your country. You should definitely have a look at this site before disregarding it.


Live Jasmin is definitely the best live cam site on the Internet, in my opinion. Our Live Jasmin review certainly puts things in perspective for you as we gave you all the facts before hand. The site brings you thousands upon thousands of live cam performers available at the click of your mouse, giving you access to live girls, guys and transgenders on demand. I enjoyed the fact you can enjoy them for sexual or friendship purposes and that most of the live cam performers are professional, friendly and a lot of fun. You will enjoy the high definition quality feeds and watching them fulfill your every request on demand. If you’re not shy, I think you’re going to enjoy the interactive two way camming that the site features too. I urge you to take a chance and find a compatible live cam performer that turns you on or makes you happy. Join Live Jasmin Now!

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